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If there is one thing us Floridians know all too well, it is that mosquitoes can ruin time spent outdoors in an instant. These thirsty pests leave behind itchy bites that can drive you crazy -- and on top of that, they can also carry harmful diseases. If you've had it up to here with battling these bugs, our mosquito control in Jacksonville is the answer. Our technicians go straight to the source--eliminating adult mosquitoes and preventing them from breeding, keeping your yard mosquito-free for the long-term!

    Mosquito Control Jacksonville

    mosquito control in Jacksonville, Florida

    Jacksonville may have the most people than any other city in Florida, but sometimes it feels like it also has the most mosquitoes! With more than four decades of experience in effective pest control, Paul's Termites and Pest Control is dedicated to protecting homes from annoying mosquito infestations. When you count on our mosquito treatment in Jacksonville, you can rest assured that mosquitoes won't get in the way of your outside fun.

    Protect Your Family and Pets

    Mosquitoes may be annoying, but they can also be a health hazard. Many mosquitoes carry diseases such as West Nile fever and St. Louis encephalitis--serious illnesses that can harm the people you love. Our mosquito control in Jacksonville gets right to the source, eliminating mosquitoes in areas of standing water where they breed. This includes:

    • Unattended swimming pools

    • Birdbaths

    • Clogged roof gutters

    • Old paint cans

    • And many more places!

    Because your family's health is important to us, we employ solutions that are safe for children and pets.

    Keep Mosquitoes Away for Good

    At Paul's Termite and Pest Control, we get rid of mosquitoes fast. But, our technicians also use the most advanced methods to make sure your yard remains mosquito-free permanently. This includes targeted treatments every month, March through October, when mosquitoes are at their peak. After all, when your family heads outside to work or play in the warm days of summer, they shouldn't have to worry about mosquitoes. Don’t you think your family deserves that?

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