Our Pest Control and Lawn Care Services in Northern Florida

We specialize in solving pest, termite, and lawn challenges with carefully designed services that attend to your needs, while providing peace of mind throughout the process.  Whether you’re looking for the elimination and prevention of pests, or to enhance the health of your lawn, we can help. If you don’t see results from our world-class services and friendly technicians we’ll keep working until you’re satisfied - guaranteed!

Effective Pest Control in Florida

Struggling with pests or looking to prevent them? Our pest control services eliminate ants, roaches, and other common pests inside your home and keep them gone for good. With appropriate materials applied at your convenience, you won’t even need to be present for our exterior treatments.

Termite Treatment

If you’re worried about termites damaging your home, we have the answer. Our services detect, eliminate, and prevent termites so they don’t stand a chance of damaging your property. We’ll protect your home and family with our guaranteed, environmentally responsible services.

Lawn Care

Has your lawn become too much to handle with weeds, disease, or insect problems? Do you need a program that addresses your specific goals? Let us take care of your lawn in Tallahassee with a year-round protection plan that will help it flourish.

Commercial Services

Need to ensure that pests, termites, or an unseemly lawn don’t interrupt your professional environment? All of our services can be tailored to commercial properties, without workplace interruption.  A comfortable place of business for your employees, that’s welcoming to visitors can be yours with our commercial services.

Additional Pest Services

Our additional services in Tallahassee ensure all your pest control needs are taken care of. Whether it’s bed bug elimination, fire ant eradication, or nuisance wildlife removal, we offer effective materials and practices to solve the problem -- fast.

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