Are termites ruining your home?

St. Johns termite control is not something to take lightly. If you have a termite problem you need to act fast. Termites can quickly cause severe damage to your home, and ruin the investment you made when you bought your house. Keep your family safe by letting us help rid of the termites and preventing them from ever coming back.

Termite Control St. Johns

Termite Control in St. Johns

When you need termite treatments in St. Johns you need someone who can handle the problem quickly and effectively. That’s why we only use the best methods in the industry to solve your termite problem. When you trust us to exterminate termites you’ll get:

  • A free inspection to measure how extensive the threat is
  • The best technicians in the area to find a solution
  • Liquid treatments and baiting stations for the best and fastest results possible
  • Regular inspections to make sure the treatments have kept the termites away
  • A 100% service guarantee 

Safe and Reliable Solutions

While we want to exterminate termites as fast as possible, we also care about our customers’ safety. We use the Sentricon Colony Elimination System when we perform termite treatments in St. Johns. This is the best system in the industry and is minimally invasive for your family. Enjoy a family-friendly environment in your home while we eliminate your termite problem.

Trust the Best

Here at Paul’s, we know that effective termite treatments in St. Johns means killing termites, and stopping them from coming back. That’s why we install convenient bait stations that require little to no maintenance, yet allow for year-round termite protection. If the termites do return during this time, we’ll come back to your house and eliminate them for free. We not only like using the best methods to exterminate termites because of the damage that they will cause your home, but because we take pride in taking the proper steps to help keep your family safe.

Do you want to have peace of mind that your home doesn’t have termites? Get a free quote today!