Protect your home from expensive termite damage!

Finding termites in your home is very alarming. Left to their own devices, these pests can eat through not just the support structure of your home, but other costly parts too - like your ventilation system! Discovery of termites almost always requires the help of seasoned professionals. With our termite control & treatment in Atlantic Beach, we'll get rid of your termites today and prevent them from returning in the future!

Termite Treatment Atlantic Beach

Termite Control Atlantic Beach

Termites are one pest you don't want to try and tackle on your own. They are tricky creatures that can damage parts of homes that you’d never want to get into yourself  - like the eaves of your home, underneath your patio, or even in your crawl space. Here at Paul's Termite & Pest Control, we can handle all of your termite problems. Our 40+ years of experience in the pest industry allow us to completely detect and protect damaged areas like these!

Family-Friendly Solutions

We understand that your home is important to you. It’s more than just a place you eat and sleep; it’s a haven for you and your loved ones. Protecting this investment is high on the list of priorities for most people, so we’ve devised a termite control solution that does just that. We protect your home using eco-friendly and safe methods that are both science-based and proven.

Elimination That Works Year-Round

Once you’ve eliminated termites from your home the first time, most homeowners want the reassurance of having effective termite prevention in place too. To cover both elimination and prevention, we use the Sentricon Colony Elimination System. This means:

  • We use a non-liquid treatment that minimizes the use of harsh chemicals inside your home.
  • This system lets the termites do all the work and allows our technicians focus on the safety of your home.
  • This system is science-based and has been proven to work in homes of all sizes and complexity!

Treatments That Are Safe and Proven

These days, more and more homeowners are interested in pest control solutions that don’t involve heavy applications of treatments. We know that you may be looking for solutions that don’t endanger your family members, so we use the safest and cutting edge solutions in the industry. Our termite treatment in Atlantic Beach also comes with a year-round, complete assurance that both the foundation of your home and the wood surrounding it are 100% protected.

Learn more about termite package or fill out a free quote form today! Remember: time is of the essence when it comes to termites!