Don't let termites destroy the foundation of your home

If you’ve seen one termite, it’s likely you’re already facing a full-blown infestation. This can be extremely worrisome for homeowners, considering termites cause more than five billion dollars of home damage each year. It’s a problem that requires the help of seasoned pest control experts. Here at Paul's Termite and Pest Control, we’re up to the task with our termite control and treatment in Tallahassee. We combine 40+ years of experience with excellent technicians, advanced solutions, and superior customer care to eliminate colonies and keep them away for good!

Termite Treatment Tallahassee

termite control Tallahassee

Minimally-Invasive Solutions

Here at Paul's Termite and Pest Control, we use proven, effective methods to rid your home of termites. This includes the Sentricon Colony Elimination System, which solves the problem at the source. Here's how our termite treatment in Tallahassee works:

  • We place these stations into the soil in high-risk locations in your home.
  • This system causes termites to take deadly bait back to share with their colonies, using the termites' nature against them.
  • This greatly minimize the use of chemicals and unnecessarily harsh treatments around your home, keeping your family protected!

We'll Keep Termites from Coming Back

Once homeowners have experienced an infestation, it’s normal to want long-term protection to avoid future risks. The Sentricon Colony Elimination System uses a scientifically proven strategy to continually protect your home from an infestation of termites. No invasive treatment or time-consuming monthly visits are involved-- just regular inspections from our dedicated technicians to guarantee your custom-installed solution is working just as it should be!

To keep your home & investment protected from termites year-round, let us help.  Learn more about termite package or fill out a free quote form today!

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