Food, Decorations, & More: Tips to Throw a Fourth of July Party

Fourth of July is right around the corner, and if you want to throw the best party on the block, you better get started on your party plan! Throwing an awesome Independence Day party in Jacksonville doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these easy tips to ensure that your celebration is the envy of the neighborhood.

Have the Right Food

A party is only as good as its refreshments, and that’s why it is so important to make sure that you have the right food for your crowd. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all menu, so when you are planning your celebration, be sure that you are keeping your guest list in mind when you are planning out the food.

Does your guest list have a lot of kids on it? If so, you better be sure to have a lot of kid-friendly options to keep their bellies full. Think:

  • Hamburgers

  • Hot dogs

  • Assortment of cookies

  • Healthy options like fresh fruit.

If your guests are mostly adults, throw some steaks or brats on the grill, and deck the appetizer table with a veggie tray, some dips, and a cocktail or two. And don’t forget the ice!

Here are some other awesome Fourth of July recipes:

Deck The Deck in Decorations

A festive atmosphere for any party starts with the decorations. For a Fourth of July bash, your color scheme is pretty much set in stone: red, white and blue. Get coordinating plates, cups, and napkins in patriotic colors, and reflect the color scheme in your centerpieces. Simple red and white carnations will do for a more mature crowd, or for kids, make an activity out of coloring their very own flags! Balloons can be purchased very inexpensively, and a few tied around your mailbox will not only tell your guests where the party is, but will also start the festive atmosphere at the door!


You don’t have to hire a live band to keep your party entertaining, but you do have to provide some entertainment. Simple corn hole tournaments can go a long way, or set up a badminton set in the yard to get everyone mingling together. Have some music playing in the background during the whole party to create a fun atmosphere. If there are kids tagging along, be sure to have party favors for them, along with games and toys to make sure they are having fun.


If your neighborhood allows, get together with your neighbors and plan a combined neighborhood fireworks show! If something elaborate isn’t possible, simply get some sparklers to share, and end the evening with a festive spark!

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Fun

All of the planning in the world can’t save your party if mosquitoes decide to crash the celebration. To make sure that mosquitoes don’t have your guests making an early exit from your fourth of July party, be sure to:

  • Eliminate any standing water.

  • Trim the grass and vegetation outside of your house

  • Remove debris from your yard, such as grass clippings and piles of leaves.

  • Put Citronella candles around your yard

Even with these preventative measures, sometimes mosquitoes still find a way to ruin your fun. If you want to ensure your yard is mosquito-free this Fourth of July, consider a professional mosquito treatment from Paul’s Termite & Pest Control. We use advanced methods to stop these thirsty bugs in their tracks by making your yard less attractive to them.

Want to have the best Fourth of July parties without mosquitoes?

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