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Traveling Tips for the Holiday Season

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The holidays are upon us, and that usually means a lot of traveling! Folks are getting together to visit friends and family, go on exciting, exotic vacations and spend a little quality time in places far away from home. The excitement of holiday travel is great whether you are planning a destination vacation or planning to just visit some friends and family outside of town.

Wherever you end up this holiday season, the truth of the matter is traveling can be a real hassle. Follow these tips to ensure a fantastic and stress-free holiday vacation!

#1: Plan in Advance

You’ve heard it before (most likely from your parents): failing to prepare is preparing to fail! The key to a stress-free holiday is preparation. Be sure to book travel tickets well in advance to ensure good prices and seats, and be sure to book hotel reservations sooner rather than later. Remember, everyone else is traveling for the holidays too, so vacancies will be hard to come by. Frontier Airlines usually has affordable flights for the holidays and also has last-minute hotel deals!

#2: Pack Smart

Before you throw your entire wardrobe into your suitcase, think about what it will be like to lug that thing around an airport or drag it through a hotel. When packing a suitcase, decide what you want to bring with you in advance so you can pack fewer items. Choose mix-and-match outfits to save space, and don’t forget your toiletries. Nothing is worse than arriving exhausted to your destination only to realize your toothbrush is still on your bathroom counter. Yikes!

#3: Keep Presents Packable

When shopping for holiday gifts, keep in mind that you will be traveling with these gifts to give them. Large or awkward gift items can be a nightmare to transport--especially if you are going by plane or train. Keep your travel plans in mind when purchasing gifts, or consider gift cards for your loved ones instead. On the flip side, remember to leave room in your luggage for gifts you will likely be bringing back with you.

#4: Stay Calm

The holiday season means that thousands of folks are traveling all at once, so a little patience will go a long way. Go into your travels knowing that some delays are to be expected, and be flexible. After all, it’s the holidays. Maybe you can see unexpected delays, cancellations, or drama as your opportunity to get your cheer started a little bit early this year.

While traveling to see friends and loved ones is exciting indeed for holiday travelers, it is important to keep in mind that when you travel, you could be bringing home some unexpected and unwanted house guests when you return. That’s right...we’re talking about bed bugs. Here’re a few tips that you can follow to avoid bed bugs this holiday season, so holiday cheer and fond memories are the only things you bring home with you this year.

#5: Staying in a hotel? Check the reviews!

Before you book your hotel stay, you should check the hotel reviews and read through them carefully. While this practice will help you gauge the quality of the breakfast bar and room amenities, it also serves to alert you to possible bed bug problems before you arrive. You can also check the Bed Bug Hotel Registry to make sure the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t have a reputation for housing these creepy crawlers! Another great tip is to Google your hotel name along with the word “bed bugs” and see if anything comes up.

#6: Know the signs

So you checked the reviews before you booked your stay, you should be set for a bug-free hotel room, right? Wrong! Just because nobody has reported bugs doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Before settling down in your hotel, check the room for signs of bed bugs. The best way to steer clear of bedbugs when you are traveling is to educate yourself on what to look for.

  • Bed bugs look like small black bugs and like to hide on soft surfaces like cloth and bedclothes.
  • Another sign of bugs is small red stains on bedclothes. This could indicate that bed bugs bit a person in that area.
  • Egg shells are usually small and white, and can be found in bed clothes after bed bugs have hatched.

#7: Keep your suitcase on hard surfaces

While you are visiting and after a long hard day of traveling, it can be tempting to throw your suitcase on the carpet, on the bed, or in a chair for easy access. Unfortunately, if bed bugs are present, this is an invitation for them to hop on your bag and make their way to wherever you take them--including back to your home! To lower your risk of bed bug infestation, keep your suitcase on hard surfaces.

Some other tips to avoid bed bugs while traveling include:

  • Look behind the headboard and check underneath the mattress
  • Keep luggage off the ground.
  • Wrap suitcases in plastic.
  • Switch rooms immediately if you suspect the room is infested.
  • Keep a look out for bed bug bites on your body.
  • Spray your luggage with bed bug deterrent before you travel.
  • Don’t put your clothes in drawers or closets in hotels.
  • When you get home, wash your clothes in hot water and dry them with intense heat before bringing them inside!

If you suspect you brought bed bugs home with you from traveling, Paul’s Termite and Pest Control help. We offer free inspections & fast treatments that will get rid of all bed bugs without damaging your belongings!

Have a safe, happy, and stress-free holiday season from the team at Paul’s!

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