Stop working on your lawn and start enjoying it!

Maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn isn’t always easy when you have a busy life to live. Lawn care in Fruit Cove can be a burden every month of the year, and here at Paul’s Termite and Pest Control, we want to help. In order to best suit your needs, we have designed a lawn care package called Paul’s GreenShield, which will provide you with a healthy lawn all year round. Let us take on the chore of maintaining your lawn, and you can spend that extra time with your family and friends!

Lawn Care Fruit Cove

Close-up of healthy, green lawn

When it comes to lawn care in Fruit Cove, there isn’t a job that we can’t handle. With over 40 years in the industry, the technicians at Paul’s Termite and Pest Control have seen it all. Not only do we pride ourselves on having some of the best and most experienced lawn experts in the industry, but our commitment to customer service is far superior than our competitors. Whether it’s your first call to our office or a regular visit to your home, we always give you the attention and respect that you deserve. We also return all calls within 24 hours, so neither you nor your lawn has to wait.

Our Treatments Will Give Your Lawn Curb Appeal

What your lawn needs in order to be healthy changes throughout the year. For your lawn to receive the best care possible, we utilize science to understand which product will work best, and in which season. Some of the treatments that are a part of Paul’s GreenShield include:

  • Herbicides and fertilizers in early and late spring to promote vibrancy and total protection against weeds

  • Iron and micronutrients in the summer to protect your lawn from the heat and allow it to be a vibrant green despite hot weather

  • Herbicides and winterizers in early and late fall to provide nutrients and offer winter protection

  • Herbicides in the winter to secure the soil against weeds growing in the summer

  • Protection from turf-damaging insects so your yard isn’t eaten alive by bugs

We Guarantee A Green Lawn

We want your lawn to be the best on the block, and that’s why we guarantee Paul’s GreenShield will work. If our treatments are not 100% successful, we will come back and reapply them for free! To make it even easier for you to get the green lawn you deserve while also having more free time, we’ll give you a free quote on our lawn care services in Fruit Cove!

Are you ready to have the best lawn on the block, all year round? Learn more about our GreenShield package today!