Say goodbye to wildlife, fire ants, rodents & more!

To ensure you’re protected from every angle, Paul’s offers other additional services to our pest control, termite control, and lawn care. For these issues, we use a strategic, proven approach that works to solve the problem quickly, carefully, and completely. It’s our goal at Paul's Termite and Pest Control to make it feel as though you never any pest problem at your home or business in the first place!

    Additional Pest Services in Jacksonville, FL

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    Don't Let Fire Ants Hurt You or Your Family

    Fire ants will attack anything that threatens them - including your children and pets. We offer advanced protection through the fast elimination of existing ants. Then, we’ll keep them from returning with proven methods backed by our one year service guarantee.

    Get Professional Help with Animal Removal

    We provide the control and removal of reptiles, armadillos, squirrels, bats, and other animals for homeowners and businesses. Whether the animal is simply a nuisance or a legitimate threat, our trained experts will quickly remove it. We also provide wildlife prevention to keep your property as unappealing to invasive wild animals as possible.

    The Paul's Pest Difference

    Our mission is your satisfaction. That’s why we work alongside each of our customers to ensure the service meets their needs, from the initial phone call through every visit. You’ll notice the difference with our technicians:

    • They’re informative and friendly.
    • They possess great expertise protecting properties from the wide variety of pests in Florida.
    • They'll keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.

    Our Additional Services can be employed separately or as an add on to ProShield, ProShield Complete, GreenShield, or any of our other packages.

    Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

    At the center of the Paul's Termite and Pest Control mission is you. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we take the pursuit of it personally. If you are not 100% satisfied with your original treatments, we will retreat free of charge. And, no matter if you are calling us for the first time or simply need additional information from our team about your plan, we always return calls within 24 hours to ensure you are always informed and attended to throughout the process.

    For professionals who depend on consistent, hard work to produce a comfortable outdoor environment, choose Paul's!

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