We'll get your lawn to its greenest, healthiest state yet
When you can’t seem to make your Florida lawn as beautiful as you’d hoped, or maintenance is simply becoming too much to handle, Paul’s GreenShield is the answer. We provide comprehensive care designed to invigorate your grass, soil, and shrubs to be in their best state yet!

Paul's GreenShield Lawn Care Services

Our care is backed by scientific data and was developed by a team of  lawn care experts. We’re seasoned in the art of creating vibrant, green lawns and shrubs amidst the challenges facing Florida landscapes. 

Our treatment includes:

  • Winter pre-emergent herbicide application to prevent summer weeds 
  • Early Spring granular fertilizer with micronutrients to promote vibrancy
  • Late Spring post-emergent herbicide for total protection against weeds
  • Summer iron and micro-nutrition for green-up and heat protection
  • Early Fall pre-emergent herbicide for winter protection
  • Late Fall winterizer to protect turf and provide nutrients

Suppress Turf-Damaging Insects

In addition to providing your lawn with nutrients and protection from weeds, Paul’s will include a single application as needed to control yard pests in your GreenShield package. Our technicians will strategically and carefully suppress turf-damaging insects. These treatments ensure your grass remains in peak health, allowing you to enjoy your yard!

The Best Treatment in Northern Florida

With Paul’s GreenShield, a lush, bright lawn can be yours without the hassle. Our dedicated experts aim to make your lawn a spectacle your neighbors will talk about. For more than 40 years we’ve been delivering on our promise to provide excellent service and lasting results to Florida homeowners and property managers. It’s our goal to take care of important and complex lawn care applications, so that you don’t have to! You’ll enjoy the beauty and benefits of a thick, healthy lawn and the satisfaction of knowing it’s taken care of, in every season, by dedicated professionals.

Our Guarantee for a Green Lawn

Take your lawn to the next level with Paul’s Green Shield lawn care for homeowners and commercial properties. To guarantee your satisfaction, we always return calls within 24 hours and will retreat at no additional charge if your original treatments are not 100% successful. 

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