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Paul's ProShield Termite Control

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About Paul's ProShield Termite Control

Paul's ProShield Termite Control Protects Your Home From: Termites

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Our signature Paul's ProShield Termite Control service eliminates existing termites and protects your home in the future. 

Paul's ProShield Termite Control Features:

Effective Termite Management
Trained and Qualified Technicians
Year Round Monitoring
Our Professional Guarantee

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Paul's ProShield Termite Control

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Year round protection for your family & home

Year Round Monitoring
Effective Termite Management

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We know you have options.

Choose the best pest control company to defend your home. 

We have decades of experience serving our community and strive to provide the most effective pest control methods for complete elimination and protection. Experience the Paul's Pest difference today! 

How Does Paul's ProShield Termite Control treatment work?

We will treat the area outside of your home with effective products to eradicate termite infestations and prevent new ones from occurring. Learn more about the details of this package:

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Thorough Inspection
We will conduct a thorough inspection of your home for conditions that are conducive to termite colonies as well as evidence of an existing termite infestation.
Termite Monitoring Stations
We will install termite monitoring stations around the perimeter of your home.

Learn More About Paul's ProShield Termite Control

Termite infestations cost billions of dollars in property damage every year, and much of the activity goes unseen until the damage is irreversible. Paul’s ProShield Termite Control service takes a 360-degree approach to care, detecting and eliminating existing colonies, and non-invasively defending your home against any future termite risk. With Paul’s, termites don’t stand a chance.

Our ProShield Termite plan involves three elements: 

  • Detection
  • Elimination
  • Prevention

Through a total examination of your property from a certified Paul’s termite technician, we’ll have the information necessary to maximize the efficiency of the state-of-the-art Sentricon Colony Elimination System. Our experienced technicians place these stations into the soil in at-risk locations. Termites carry the bait, specifically designed for termites, back to the colony to destroy it from within. No excess chemicals, no spray treatments required.

Year-Round Monitoring

In Florida, your property is essentially always at risk of becoming termite food. With ProShield Termite Control, you’ll receive year-round, complete assurance that the foundation of your home and the wood around it are 100% protected. Once our technicians have guaranteed any existing colonies have been eliminated, we will strategically install these stations, targeting at-risk areas around your home. The stations are so discreet you’ll hardly know they’re there. You get 24/7 protection from termites, without any interruptions to your schedule, safety, or comfort month after month.

Benefits of ProShield Termite Control

With a myriad of options available for termite control, and every “expert” claiming that one or the other is best, we understand that home and property owners have trouble discerning the ideal solution. The benefits of Paul’s ProShield Termite Sentricon-based solution include:

  • cutting edge solution, grounded in science, without residual risk
  • Non-chemical protection that destroys the colony from within
  • Total protection, year-round, for your entire home and property
  • Regular inspections to monitor activity and ensure baits are working at maximum efficiency.
  • Florida’s top of line technicians, equipped with experience, superior training, and a friendly can-do attitude

Backed by Our Guarantee

Termites may be experts at chewing away at wood, but they’re no match for our four decades of experience and industry-leading techniques. Our mission is to provide complete safety and protection for your property. And we’re serious about it, too. Every ProShield Termite plan is backed by our guarantee, which promises to always return your calls within 24 hours and retreat at no additional charge if the original service was not 100% successful.

Are you battling indoor pests, too?

For complete home pest control AND termite monitoring, upgrade to our ProShield Complete package! Protect your family with interior and exterior coverage today.

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If, in the unlikely event your pests return, we will re-service your home for no additional cost to you. No questions asked. We guarantee it.

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