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Trusted Pest Control in Crawfordville Starting at $35/Month

When you have pests in your home, you only want the best. With our affordable Crawfordville pest control, 48 years of experience treating homes like yours, and excellent customer service, you’ll soon see why our pest control is award-winning!

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Pest Control Crawfordville

Florida’s climate sets the perfect conditions to allow pests of all kinds to flourish. Whether you’re suffering from an infestation of ants, bees, roaches or other pests, these bugs can multiply quickly. Nothing’s more unappealing than finding ants in your kitchen or cockroaches in your bedroom. For homeowners, having the right pest control method in place for your present or future infestations is vital. When you're looking for a permanent solution to eliminate pests from your home and keep them gone in the future, you need help from the pest control experts at Paul's! 

Choose Paul’s and Save $50 on Your Initial Treatment

Are you looking for ways to save on your pest control in Crawfordville? Paul’s Termite & Pest Control have exactly what you need! When you choose from our Crawfordville pest control coupons, you can save $50 off your initial treatment when you sign up for recurring services. 

Redeem Your $50 Offer!

Quick Pest Elimination, Long-Term Protection

When you find pests inside your home, it’s time to take action. Here at Paul’s Pest and Termite Control, our advanced techniques are backed by our hand-picked exterminators in Crawfordville who:

  • Have years of experience and education under their belt.
  • Will get rid of your pests quickly and set your home up for long-term prevention.
  • Will be open and transparent about the entire process.

How do we do this? Our exterminators in Crawfordville locate and treat the exterior entry points that pests are using to enter your home to eliminate existing infestations and prevent future entry. The experience and constant training that our technicians undergo give them the skills and knowledge necessary to get rid of bugs today and prevent them in the future!

Termite Control in Crawfordville

Over the years, our Crawfordville termite technicians have seen termite infestations of all sizes and shapes. We understand that no two homes are exactly the same, so we make sure to tailor our termite control treatments in Crawfordville to your specific home to guarantee effectiveness. For many, this includes the use of both baiting systems and spray applications. This combination ensures the most effective treatment to rid your home of current infestations and to protect it fully from future ones.

Tough on Termites, Safe for People

You may be wondering why you should choose Paul’s Termite & Pest Control for your Crawfordville termite prevention and protection needs. We’ll tell you why:

  • We use only the safest methods available to rid termites from your home
  • Our methods focus on providing the most effective termite treatments in Crawfordville, all while minimizing any risk for your home, children, and pets throughout the entire process
  • We rely on science-based termite strategies, not just heavy chemical applications

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Mosquito Control in Crawfordville

Are you tired of spending your days indoors avoiding pesky mosquito bites? It is time you take action and get rid of mosquitoes once and for all. While bug sprays may seem like a quick and easy treatment method, they rarely hold up.

If your backyard is infested with mosquitoes, call in the professionals at Paul’s Termite and Pest Control! We have over 40 years of Crawfordville mosquito control experience and are ready to help you!

Stop Mosquitoes At The Source

When it comes to mosquito control in Crawfordville, it is always best to treat them at the source.

Mosquitoes need water to breed which is why they often congregate in areas where there is excess moisture or a still body of water.

Some of the most common places mosquitoes breed are:

  • Birdbaths
  • Garden ponds
  • Clogged gutters
  • Discarded containers
  • And more!

Our technicians begin the Crawfordville mosquito control treatment process with an inspection of your property to identify the specific breeding areas. Then, using what they find, they will target treatment to these breeding grounds to prevent future infestations. Lastly, monthly spray treatments, from March to October, effectively eliminate any adult mosquitoes present providing you with fast relief!

Save $50 On Home Mosquito Treatments

Mosquitoes shouldn’t ruin your fun or drive you out of your yard. That’s why, when you’re looking to get rid of mosquitoes, you can turn to Paul’s. With our mosquito control in Crawfordville, you’ll love your yard again. We even offer a savings of $50 when you sign up today!

Save $50 Today!

Protect Your Loved Ones

Mosquitoes are no pest to mess with! Aside from their itchy bites, Florida mosquitoes have the potential to put your loved ones at risk for diseases like West Nile fever and St. Louis encephalitis. And, when they bite your pets, it can lead to their development of heartworm.

Our mosquito control technicians in Crawfordville are trained to use the most advanced treatment methods to provide you with the mosquito-free backyard you deserve. Plus, our treatments are family- and pet-friendly so you can rest assured knowing your family is safe!

Ant Control in Crawfordville

Ants might be small, but their numbers are not. A single colony can have thousands of ants in it, all foraging for food, a quest that can take them into your home. Whether you’re dealing with hungry ants in your kitchen or an anthill in the middle of your yard, our Crawfordville ant exterminators are here to help!

Fire Ant Control in Crawfordville

Fire ants are not to be taken lightly. Accompanying their stings are a sharp pain and burning sensation that feel like they last forever. After that, it turns into an itchy, sensitive pus-filled blister—a less than ideal reminder that warmer weather has arrived. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Our ant exterminators in Crawfordville are trained professionals who will eliminate existing fire ants in no time, and keep them off your property with our proven methods. No more worrying about if your loved ones or pets are going to go feet-first into a hill of angry fire ants!

Carpenter Ant Control in Crawfordville

There is a variety of pests that cause damage to wooden structures, including carpenter ants. They chew the wood, but instead of eating it like termites, they use it to build their nests. These ants are large in size, with strong mandibles that let them attack if their nest is disturbed. Not only can they compromise the safety of your home, they can also cause painful bites that break the skin.

Carpenter ants build their nests in hard to reach places, like window frames, chimneys, sinks, door frames, and wall voids. The expertise of our Crawfordville ant exterminators is necessary to not only find the nest, but ensure it is properly removed. With our fast action, carpenter ants are a thing of the past.

Argentine Ant Control in Crawfordville

Argentine ants are an invasive species that displace native ants, disrupting the ecosystem. While they are not harmful to humans, Argentine ants invade homes in search of food or water, swarming kitchens and contaminating food supply.

Argentine ants also have several queens per colony, making it difficult to eliminate them. Home remedies such as pesticides or boiling water have been proven ineffective. Our ant exterminators in Crawfordville use top-of-the-line products and techniques to ensure the entire colony is eliminated. Gone are the days of spotting trails of ants around your home, or sharing your dinner with a few brave ant invaders.

Acrobat Ant Control in Crawfordville

Acrobat ants get their name through their ability to raise their abdomen above their head. Due to their small size, these ants can easily enter your home through cracks, pipes, or electrical wiring. While they are usually in search of sweets or other insects to eat, they will bite if threatened. Some workers may even emit an unpleasant odor when disturbed.

If you spot these ants in your home, it’s time to call in a Crawfordville ant exterminator. Not only are they a nuisance to have in your home, but acrobat ants have also been known to strip insulation from electrical and telephone wires, which can cause short circuits. Let us make your home ant-free again!

One Year Service Guarantee

Here at Paul’s, we know how annoying, and potentially painful, ants can be. That’s why we back all of our Crawfordville ant control services with our one-year service guarantee. If you happen to see ants in your home again, we will re-treat the area at no additional cost for a full year after the original service.

To sweeten the deal even more, our Crawfordville ant control is included in our signature Paul’s ProShield program, which starts at just $35 a month. New customers can also save $50 on their initial fee when they sign up today!


Wildlife Control in Crawfordville

There’s a big difference between seeing wildlife in nature, where they belong, and seeing them hanging out in your home. Some creatures are more than just a nuisance and can actually put your family at risk for bodily harm or disease. Our wildlife control in Crawfordville will protect you from a variety of animals, including:

  • Reptiles
  • Opossums
  • Squirrels
  • Rats
  • Raccoons
  • And more!

Squirrel Removal in Crawfordville

Squirrels can be fun to watch scamper around your home, but when they find their way into your home they become a safety concern. Squirrels usually make their home in your attic, where they can chew on wooden beams, wiring, ductwork, and pipes, causing damage to your home. They also leave behind urine and feces that have the potential to pass diseases to you and your loved ones. Their loud scampering and scratching can also keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Squirrels are wild animals, so squirrel removal in Crawfordville should be left to the professionals. These pests are difficult to catch, so without the proper strategy it can feel impossible. Agitating them can also lead to scratches or bites that can put you at risk for the same diseases that feces do.

Opossum Removal in Crawfordville

Opossums are natural climbers, letting them easily access entry points to your home. They make their homes in open wall void, dark basements, garages, and sheds. While climbing, opossums can wreak havoc on your home by ripping up shingles and damaging siding. When inside, they can shred insulation, potentially biting through wires as well. Opossums also carry diseases such as tuberculosis, spotted fever, and Chagas disease, putting you and your loved ones at risk.

Opossums are not easily intimidated and hard to catch, making professional intervention for opossum removal in Crawfordville a necessity. The experts at Paul’s will trap them and bring them away from your property, ridding you of both opossums and the worries that come with their presence.

Raccoon Removal in Crawfordville

Not only will they dig through your trash, but raccoons will break into your home as well in search of shelter. These persistent pests will rip off shingles, break attic vents, chew through boards, and tear through the material covering the gap between siding and the roofline, leaving you with the repair bill. Raccoons are common carriers of rabies, which can be transmitted to you or your pets through bites.

While raccoons are unlikely to bite unprovoked, if you attempt to corner it or remove it yourself, the raccoon will defend itself however possible. For raccoon removal in Crawfordville, trust the trained technicians at Paul’s. We will safely remove the raccoon, keeping both you and the animal safe.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

The most important thing to remember is that you should never attempt to remove a wild animal from your home yourself; they are, after all, wild and can be aggressive and unpredictable if they feel threatened. Leave Crawford wildlife removal to the professionals who have over 40 years of experience in dealing with all kinds of crazy pests. After your home is cleared, we’ll keep your property as unappealing to invasive animals as possible with our wildlife prevention system. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our services, we will happily return to re-treat, free of charge.

Dealing with wildlife near your home or on your property? Don't wait for relief!

Call our team today at 850-222-6808 for fast wildlife control in Crawfordville!

Bed Bug Treatment in Crawfordville

Between the sleepless nights and irritating bites, having bed bugs is a nightmare. Once you’ve spotted them in your home, it’s time to give the professionals a call. With our bed bug treatment in Crawfordville, we’ll create a custom plan that will send bed bugs packing. Whether they’re on your mattress, carpet, furniture, or walls, our experts will find and eliminate them.

Treatments That Are Second to None

With over 40 years of battling pests, we know the ins and outs of treating for bed bugs. With our bed bug treatment in Crawfordville, even the most stubborn bed bugs don’t stand a chance. When you choose Paul’s, you’re choosing a company that has:

  • Experience: We’ve seen infestations of all sizes, so we’re equipped to handle yours. Our Crawfordville bed bug exterminators know what works and use advanced techniques and products to deliver undeniable results.
  • Prompt service: With flexible scheduling and reliable technicians, you can trust us to be there on time and ready to give you back a bed bug-free home.
  • Convenient treatments: Rather than force you out of your home for an entire day like some of our competitors, our treatments only require you to vacate your home for a few hours.
  • Reliable products: We only use products that we would use in our own homes, and they’re all top of the line. Our chemical treatments are the best available and don’t damage other aspects of your home. With Paul’s, you can feel confident you made the right decision.


Rodent Control in Crawfordville

When rodents are running amok, it’s difficult to feel comfortable in your own home. Whether they’re in your pantry, garage, or anywhere in between, we have the solution you need! We’ve been making homes just like yours rodent-free since 1971 with our reliable Crawfordville rodent control, and we can help you, too!

Treatments Made for You

Despite how well-maintained your home may be, when rodents find their way inside, they can make it feel dirty and unwelcoming. Not to mention they also put you and your loved ones at risk for a variety of diseases and other health complications. Rather than let rodents rule over your space, trust Paul’s Termite and Pest Control for your Crawfordville rodent control needs. When our team is on your side, you can expect:

  • A comprehensive inspection to scour for signs of rodent activity, performed by one of our professional Crawfordville rodent exterminators.
  • Custom treatment that works with the needs of both you and your home.
  • Family-friendly and humane treatments for a worry-free process.
  • Recurring services to keep your home protected all year long.

Service with a Guarantee

Searching for the right Crawfordville rodent control can be overwhelming, but we strive to make the process as easy as possible. Here at Paul’s Termite and Pest Control, we always put our customers first. That’s why we believe the job isn’t done until you’re happy. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our Crawfordville rodent control services, we’ll gladly return and re-treat at no additional cost!


Pest Control Treatments that are Safe for Your Children and Pets

We understand that when you’re looking for pest control in Crawfordville, you want a service that’s safe for your loved ones and pets to be around. Utilizing techniques and products that do just this is one of our biggest priorities. Our Crawfordville exterminators always keep your families safety in high regard with the techniques and products we use. We utilize these techniques at all of our locations, we offer pest control in Tallahassee and surrounding cities!

Our pest services in Crawfordville include:

  • Identifying the external problem areas. These may be entry points, breeding, or harborage areas.

  • Using low-toxicity applications to target these problem areas— not your entire home.

  • Application outdoors in areas where children and pets aren’t harmed.

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