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Live comfortably in your home without pests!

The quality of your life shouldn’t be brought down by pests invading your property. At Paul’s Termite and Pest Control, we understand that your home is your haven and that you want to get those pests out of there quickly and safely. With 40+ years of experience under our belt, we know exactly how to do just that!

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Guaranteed Results

We're a results-oriented company. If you're not happy with the results of our services, we promise to re-treat at no additional charge until you are.

4.9 Online Rating

With over 300 reviews, we're proud to have a 4.9 rating. We've worked hard to build a dependable and trustworthy reputation in our local community!

40+ Years Experience

With over 40 years of experience serving local homeowners just like yourself, there's no one more qualified to take care of your home than Paul's.

More than just the quality service that Paul's provides is the quality of their staff.  Always friendly, consistently professional, Paul's staff truly stands above the rest.


Pest Control Crawfordville

Florida’s climate sets the perfect conditions to allow pests of all kinds to flourish. Whether you’re suffering from an infestation of ants, bees, roaches or other pests, these bugs can multiply quickly. Nothing’s more unappealing than finding ants in your kitchen or cockroaches in your bedroom. For homeowners, having the right pest control method in place for your present or future infestations is vital.

When you're looking for a permanent solution to eliminate pests from your home and keep them gone in the future, you need help from the Crawfordville pest control experts! Call Paul's Pest and Termite Control today at 850-692-6663 to put a stop to your infestations, fast!

Quick Pest Elimination, Long-Term Protection

When you find pests inside of your home, it’s time to take action. Here at Paul’s Pest and Termite Control, our advanced techniques are backed by our hand-picked exterminators in Crawfordville who:

  • Have years of experience and education under their belt.
  • Will get rid of your pests quickly and set your home up for long-term prevention.
  • Will be open and transparent about the entire process.

How do we do this? Our exterminators in Crawfordville locate and treat the exterior entry points that pests are using to enter your home to eliminate existing infestations and prevent future entry. The experience and constant training that our technicians undergo give them the skills and knowledge necessary to get rid of bugs today and prevent them in the future!

Save Up to $60 On the Best Pest Control in Crawfordville!

When you need to get rid of pests but want great pest control at a great price, you need Paul's! We offer great deals for both new and existing customers. Check out our Crawfordville pest control coupons for even more great ways to save!

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Termite Control in Crawfordville

Over the years, our Crawfordville termite technicians have seen termite infestations of all sizes and shapes. We understand that no two homes are exactly the same, so we make sure to tailor our termite control treatments in Crawfordville to your specific home to guarantee effectiveness. For many, this includes the use of both baiting systems and spray applications. This combination ensures the most effective treatment to rid your home of current infestations and to protect it fully from future ones.

Tough on Termites, Safe for People

You may be wondering why you should choose Paul’s Termite & Pest Control for your Crawfordville termite prevention and protection needs. We’ll tell you why:

  • We use only the safest methods available to rid termites from your home
  • Our methods focus on providing the most effective termite treatments in Crawfordville, all while minimizing any risk for your home, children, and pets throughout the entire process
  • We rely on science-based termite strategies, not just heavy chemical applications

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Mosquito Control in Crawfordville

Are you tired of spending your days indoors avoiding pesky mosquito bites? It is time you take action and get rid of mosquitoes once and for all. While bug sprays may seem like a quick and easy treatment method, they rarely hold up.

If your backyard is infested with mosquitoes, call in the professionals at Paul’s Termite and Pest Control! We have over 40 years of Crawfordville mosquito control experience and are ready to help you!

Stop Mosquitoes At The Source

When it comes to mosquito control in Crawfordville, it is always best to treat them at the source.

Mosquitoes need water to breed which is why they often congregate in areas where there is excess moisture or a still body of water. Some of the most common places mosquitoes breed are:

  • Bird baths
  • Garden ponds
  • Clogged gutters
  • Discarded containers
  • And more!

Our technicians begin the Crawfordville mosquito control treatment process with an inspection of your property to identify the specific breeding areas. Then, using what they find, they will target treatment to these breeding grounds to prevent future infestations. Lastly, monthly spray treatments, from March to October, effectively eliminate any adult mosquitoes present providing you with fast relief!

Protect Your Loved Ones

Mosquitoes are no pest to mess with! Aside from their itchy bites, Florida mosquitoes have the potential to put your loved ones at risk for diseases like West Nile fever and St. Louis encephalitis. And, when they bite your pets, it can lead to their development of heartworm.

Our mosquito control technicians in Crawfordville are trained to use the most advanced treatment methods to provide you with the mosquito-free backyard you deserve. Plus, our treatments are family- and pet-friendly so you can rest assured knowing your family is safe!

It’s time to enjoy a mosquito-free backyard!

Pest Control Treatments that are Safe for Your Children and Pets

We understand that when you’re looking for pest control in Crawfordville, you want a service that’s safe for your loved ones and pets to be around. Utilizing techniques and products that do just this is one of our biggest priorities. Our Crawfordville exterminators always keep your families safety in high regard with the techniques and products we use.

Our pest services in Crawfordville include:

  • Identifying the external problem areas. These may be entry points, breeding, or harborage areas.

  • Using low-toxicity applications to target these problem areas— not your entire home.

  • Application outdoors in areas where children and pets aren’t harmed.

Ready to live comfortably without pests?


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Save Some Cash

You can rid your home of pests and save money with our pest control & exterminator offers and coupons. Start saving today!

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