Don't be a victim of termite's costly destruction

Whether you’re suspicious of termite activity at your home or business, or are seeking to proactively protect your investment, time is of the essence. Termites cause billions of dollars in home damage annually. ProShield Termite ensures that your home won’t be a victim of this costly destruction.

Termite Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

Termite control Florida

Safe and Innovative Termite Treatments

No matter the current state of your home, we understand that bringing in a professional requires trust. That’s why we’re dedicated to delivering termite treatments that combine innovation and the utmost safety for total care. Our Jacksonville termite exterminators are highly trained in the Sentricon Colony Elimination System, which is proven to eliminate existing colonies and then actively prevent termites every day of the year.

Why Paul's?

With so many pest control companies out there, it can be hard to choose one. We'll tell you why Paul's is superior:

  • Our termite technicians are extensively trained to detect signs of termites at your property.
  • We use only the safest methods available to completely eliminate termites and to provide long-term protection against future termite risks.
  • Our techniques rely on science and strategy rather than harmful chemicals.
  • We use eco-safe, reliable, and proven methods to provide fast elimination and lasting protection for your home.

Protect Your Investment

Don’t let termites feed on your most valuable investment. Whether you need focused protection from termites, or total control against termites and other common pests in the greater Jacksonville and Tallahassee areas, we have a service option that’s perfect for you. Whatever the package, whether ProShield Termite or ProShield Complete, we guarantee results and dedicated care from Florida’s most knowledgeable, thorough technicians who value your home and safety as much as you do!

Do We Service Your Area?

Are you wondering if we offer our termite services in your area? Paul's Termite & Pest serves the greater Tallahassee and Jacksonville areas in Florida, delivering our exceptional termite control services in:

To keep your investment protected from termites year-round, let us help. Learn more about our termite package or fill out a free quote form today!

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