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The Best Pest Control in Palm Valley Starting at $35/Month

When you have pests in your home, you only want the best. With our affordable Palm Valley pest control, 48 years of experience treating homes like yours, and excellent customer service, you’ll soon see why our pest control is award-winning!

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Guaranteed Results

We're a results-oriented company. If you're not happy with the results of our services, we promise to re-treat at no additional charge until you are.

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4.9 Online Rating

With over 300 reviews, we're proud to have a 4.9 rating. We've worked hard to build a dependable and trustworthy reputation in our local community!

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40+ Years Experience

With over 40 years of experience serving local homeowners just like yourself, there's no one more qualified to take care of your home than Paul's.

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We would highly recommend their service to property management companies as well as those seeking personal residential needs alike.


Pest Control Palm Valley

Your home is much more than a large investment; it’s the place you wind down after a long day, where your children play, and friends gather. Pests infringe on these activities, and ultimately on your ability to live a comfortable life. As local residents, we understand--it’s why we take pride in providing the most responsive, efficient pest control in Palm Valley. No matter the problem, we’ll solve it with urgency, care, and ease.

Choose Paul’s and Save $50 on Your Initial Treatment

Are you looking for ways to save on your pest control in Palm Valley? Paul’s Termite & Pest Control have exactly what you need! When you choose from our Palm Valley pest control coupons, you can save $50 off your initial treatment when you sign up for recurring services. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our expert Palm Valley exterminators at 850-222-6808.

Redeem Your $50 Offer!

Keep Bugs Out for Good

Eliminating one infestation is a great thing, but the likelihood that it's gone for good can be unlikely. With Paul's Termite and Pest Control on your side, we make sure to clear your home of pests for good. Our reactive and preventative pest control services in Palm Valley give your family the ultimate protection by:

  • Using science-based, proven methods to eliminate pests.
  • Leveraging the cutting edge science of Integrated Pest Management.
  • Using extensive biological and environmental knowledge to make your home naturally repel pests.

We know that choosing a pest control company in Palm Valley isn't always an easy decision. After all, you need a team you can trust to enter your home and to put a stop to pests! Our Palm Valley pest control specialists aren't just good at their jobs - they're also experts when it comes to customer service. We strive to treat you right - giving you the best protection and keeping you in the loop every step of the way. 

Save up to $60 on Pest Control

When you're looking for the best pest control in Palm Valley, you need Paul's. Because we believe that great pest control should come at a great price, we offer some great special offers on our pest control services. If you want to find some great ways to save, check out our Palm Valley pest control coupons

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Termite Treatment in Palm Valley

Owning a home isn’t cheap, and making sure your property is protected year-round from damage of any kind can be costly. That’s why we use extermination techniques that are incredibly effective. They last longer and help you save your hard-earned money. Our termite treatment in Palm Valley works year-round and doesn’t involve lengthy monthly visits, just regular inspections.

What separates us from other Palm Valley termite treatment companies?

  • Our Palm Valley termite exterminators install convenient stations around your home that protect it year-round with minimal maintenance. 
  • We completely eliminate your termites and prevent them from ever coming back.
  • If termites do return, we'll send one of our termite specialists in Palm Valley back to treat free of charge. 

Our knowledgeable Palm Valley pest control exterminators and decades of experience give us the upper hand when it comes to non-invasive, effective home termite treatments. Keeping your home termite-free is both yours and our biggest concern!

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Mosquito Control in Palm Valley

With the warm weather, beautiful beaches, and close proximity to other states, Palm Valley is a very desirable place to live. However, with warm weather and beautiful beaches also comes many buzzing mosquitoes. Paul's Termite and Pest Control has mosquito treatments that will allow you to stop worrying about biting mosquitoes and start enjoying the outdoor fun of Palm Valley a bit more. With over 40 years of experience protecting area homes, Paul's Termite and Pest Control is able to target these pests at the source and eliminate mosquito larvae for good.

Save $50 On Home Mosquito Treatments

Mosquitoes shouldn’t ruin your fun or drive you out of your yard. That’s why, when you’re looking to get rid of mosquitoes, you can turn to Paul’s. With our mosquito control in Palm Valley, you’ll love your yard again. We even offer a savings of $50 when you sign up today!

Save $50 Today!

Keep Your Family Safe Long-Term

Did you know that mosquitoes can actually carry many harmful diseases? These diseases do not only affect humans, but also your home and pets. These diseases can easily be eliminated from your home with the removal of mosquitoes. 

With some professional help form Paul's Termite and Pest Control, you could be investing in a solution that actually lasts long-term. We are proud to have very experienced technicians that know how to properly identify, target, and spray the mosquitoes in and around your home. We are dedicated to making your home pest-free for good, so you can enjoy the warm weather with your loved ones in Palm Valley soon enough.

Ready for Relief?

Fire Ant Control in Palm Valley

When fire ants invade your yard, they can quickly rob you of your peace of mind and comfort. These aggressive pests are notorious for their painful stings and ability to quickly swarm anything that threatens them—including your children and pets! Don’t let fire ants drive you out of your own yard! 

With Paul’s Termite and Pest Control, you’ll have access to our fast and effective Palm Valley fire ant control as part of our additional services. We can be out in no time to eliminate your entire fire ant colony, making your yard safe and comfortable once again. What’s better? Our services come with a one-year warranty. If your problems persist after treatment, just let us know and we’ll be back in no time to retreat at no additional cost. That’s the Paul’s promise. 


Wildlife Removal in Palm Valley

Here in Florida, you make wake up to a mysterious noise and not sure what you have on your hands. Pests may not only be annoying, but in some circumstances can be dangerous. Here are some of the wildlife animals you may face:

  • Squirrels
  • Reptiles
  • Rabbits
  • Armadillos
  • And More!

Don’t face them alone! With Paul’s Termite and Pest Control, you have the peace of mind of our Palm Valley wildlife removal additional services. 

Many wild animals can be dangerous if they feel threatened. When you turn to Paul’s Termite and Pest Control for your wildlife control in Palm Valley, you’ll be working with trained and experienced service professionals who can safely handle any sort of animal invasion, giving you back your yard and your security and comfort. Our additional services are available to add to any package, including ProShield, ProShield Complete, GreenShield, and more.


Rodent Control in Palm Valley

Rodents like to live deep within your home in hard to reach places like between walls, under furniture, and inside air ducts. This makes them difficult to locate and nearly impossible to treat on your own. Rather than spend time and money on ineffective store-bought treatments, turn to our rodent control in Palm Valley. Our experts know how to efficiently eliminate rodents from any part of your home and stop them from coming back.

When you trust our rodent exterminators in Palm Valley, we will:

  • Conduct a detailed inspection of your home to look for signs of rats and mice.
  • Use our findings to create a custom treatment plan that meets the needs of your home and family.
  • Perform family-friendly, humane treatments to safely eliminate rodents.
  • Return for recurring treatments, ensuring rodents are gone for good.
  • Give you our satisfaction guarantee!

Guaranteed Relief from Rodents

No one wants to live with a rodent infestation, and with our rodent control in Palm Valley, you don’t have to! We work hard to completely eliminate rodents from your home, but if you aren’t 100% satisfied after we’re done, we’ll re-treat for free. All you have to do is give us a call at 850-222-6808 and one of our technicians will happily return in no time. That’s just one way we go above and beyond for our customers!


Bed Bug Treatment in Palm Valley

It can be hard to get a good night of sleep when you’re worried about a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are a major nuisance and are unfortunately extremely common. Even if you maintain a pristine household and avoid travel, you can end up with bed bugs in your home. Signs that it’s time to contact a bed bug exterminator include discarded bed bug skins, small, white eggshells, red or brown stains on bedding or furniture, or itchy red bites on your skin. Call Paul’s Termite and Pest Control today for unbeatable bed bug treatment in Palm Valley and put an end to sleepless nights once-and-for-all!

Eliminate Bed Bugs with Minimally Invasive Treatments 

What makes Paul’s Termite and Pest Control unique when it comes to bed bug treatment is that we offer minimally invasive chemical treatments. While other companies promote heat treatments, we realize that such treatments can be extremely damaging to homes and can even lead to the spread of your infestation. For complete bed bug removal in Palm Valley that leaves your home in perfect shape, we offer the following services: 

  • An initial inspection by a bed bug expert.
  • Minimally invasive treatments that allow you to return home after only a few hours.
  • The application of highly effective chemical treatments for complete bed bug elimination.
  • Three weekly visits including two treatments and one follow-up inspection.

The longer you wait to get professional treatment, the larger your infestation will grow. Contact Paul’s today for bed bug treatment.


Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

At Paul’s, we understand that pest control in Palm Valley simply won’t be the same for any two homes. That’s why we take the time to ensure we tailor every treatment to the unique needs of your property. And we won’t stop until you’re satisfied. In fact, we guarantee it! Our exterminators in Palm Valley will keep open lines of communication with all our customers so that, if you see signs of pests indoors, we can quickly address the problem.

Help When You Need It Most

Here at Paul's, your satisfaction is our utmost priority. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of the pest control treatments we’ve applied to your property, we’ll retreat free of charge. 

Are you a new customer? Give us a call today, and we promise we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. As a company, we understand that when you’re looking for professional pest control in Palm Valley, it’s not something you’re willing to wait for. We offer professional pest control in Jacksonville and other surrounding areas as well! We place a premium on reaching our customers as soon as possible!

Ready to fill comfortable in your home?


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You can rid your home of pests and save money with our pest control & exterminator offers and coupons. Start saving today!

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Special Offer

Save Some Cash

You can rid your home of pests and save money with our pest control & exterminator offers and coupons. Start saving today!

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