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Pest Control Fruit Cove

No matter who you are, the sight of a pest in your home is unsettling. Oftentimes, the sight of one pest is evidence of an infestation or one on the brink of happening. Here at Paul's Termite & Pest Control, we specialize in the complete eradication of unwanted pests and prevention that lasts. Our Fruit Cove pest control isn’t a band-aid solution -- it’s the industry’s most efficient, proven solution, designed to make your home repel pests for years to come.

Choose Paul’s and Save $50 on Your Initial Treatment

Are you looking for ways to save on your pest control in Fruit Cove? Paul’s Termite & Pest Control have exactly what you need! When you work with our exterminators in Fruit Cove, you can save $50 off your initial treatment when you sign up for recurring services. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our expert Fruit Cove exterminators.

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Reclaim Your Home with Pest Control in Fruit Cove

We react negatively to pests inside our homes because they simply don’t belong in our precious spaces. But pests do more than just cause disgust; they’re also potential carriers for diseases that affect humans and animals. They infringe on your ability to enjoy your home, host friends, and much more. With Paul’s pest control services in Fruit Cove, these risks can become a thing of the past.

One call is all it takes. When you entrust your home to the best exterminators in Fruit Cove, you'll get year-round protection against:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • Mice
  • And more!

Termite Treatments in Fruit Cove

Termites cause billions of dollars in home damage year after year. Oftentimes, it’s damage that occurs right underneath the homeowners' nose. Termites are quiet, rapid wood-feeders that can destroy your home’s foundation in a matter of months -- without you even noticing. If you’ve seen a termite or notice signs of an infestation, don't waste any time. Our Fruit Cove termite treatment provides fast, complete eradication of existing colonies by utilizing the most advanced methods in the industry.

Ensure Termites Never Return

It’s one thing to eradicate a single colony of termites. But, if they come back again, homeowners find themselves in the same predicament. Our termite control in Fruit Cove:

  • Alleviates you of worry
  • Strategically prevents termites from coming back
  • Uses Sentricon bait technology
  • Installs virtually invisible stations
  • Protects your home year-round with minimal maintenance

The best part? There is no invasive liquid treatment. Just regular visits from one of our dedicated Fruit Cove termite exterminators to ensure that your system is intact and all your concerns are addressed.

Mosquito Control in Fruit Cove

When the weather is warm in Florida, outdoor fun is mandatory. Unfortunately, the most beautiful months here in Florida occur at the same time that mosquitoes breed. Don't let mosquitoes stop you from enjoying your yard this summer and fall. Paul's Termite and Pest Control has spent 52 years refining our Fruit Cove mosquito control so that your property is always protected. Our Fruit Cove mosquito treatments target adult mosquitoes and their larvae for the best, most effective results.

Our expert mosquito exterminators in Fruit Cove remove backyard areas of standing water such as:

  • Bird baths
  • Discarded containers
  • Clogged gutters
  • Small ponds
  • And many other areas where mosquitoes breed!

Ban Mosquitoes from Your Home & Save $50 with Paul’s!

When you choose Paul’s Termite & Pest Control for mosquito control in Fruit Cove, you can save $50 on your initial treatment! Enjoy your summer free from mosquitoes while saving money with Paul’s!

Redeem Your $50 Offer

Safe Treatments for Your Family

The threat of disease can make mosquito bites a scary prospect. After all, these thirsty insects can transmit diseases like:

  • The West Nile
  • Encephalitis
  • Zika Virus
  • And more

Fortunately, you can protect the people you care about with the help of a professional. What’s more, our outdoor mosquito treatments in Fruit Cove are even child and pet-friendly for your peace of mind.

Bed Bug Treatment in Fruit Cove

Bed bug infestations vary for every home and family. For that reason, we tailor our bed bug services in Fruit Cove to your individual needs. Our custom treatment plans incorporate a range of services that get to the root of your bed bug issue. Once we understand the extent of your problem, our Fruit Cove bed bug experts implement the most advanced methods and techniques to eradicate the infestation and keep the bed bugs from coming back. 

The expert bed bug exterminators here at Paul's target all of the places they like to hide--furniture, mattresses, carpets, walls, and more--with our state-of-the-art chemical treatments.

Contact Us for Long-Lasting Relief

Fast, Cost-Effective Solutions

Here at Paul's, we offer bed bug control in Fruit Cove that is so easy, you won't need to spend another night worrying about what's crawling in your mattress. Our Fruit Cove bed bug treatments are also:

  • Convenient--Our chemical treatments that are less intrusive in comparison to other treatments!
  • Hassle-free--We get rid of ALL bed bugs in less than three visits!
  • Affordable--Our bed bug treatments are affordable in comparison to expensive heat treatments.
Ant Control in Fruit Cove

To ensure you’re protected from every angle, Paul’s offers ant control in Fruit Cove. We use a strategic, proven approach that works to solve the ant problem quickly, carefully, and completely. It’s our goal at Paul's Termite and Pest Control to make it feel as though you never any ants in your home or business in the first place!

Don't Let Fire Ants Hurt You or Your Family

Fire ants will attack anything that threatens them - including your children and pets. No one wants to be bitten by fire ants, so that’s why we offer advanced protection through the fast elimination of fire ants in Fruit Cove. Then, our fire ant exterminators will keep them from returning with proven methods backed by our one-year service guarantee.

Wildlife Removal in Fruit Cove

Here in Florida, we understand that while we have beautiful and exotic animals in Fruit Cove, it’s still important that we stay safe. Wild animals have their place, but not inside your home. Keep you and your family safe from wildlife and the diseases they carry with wildlife removal in Fruit Cove.

Trust the experts at Paul’s Termite and Pest Control. Our wildlife removal includes: 

  • Specialization in a variety of species, even armadillos!
  • Respectful and experienced animal control experts.
  • Knowledgeable and responsive technicians that keep you informed during the entire process.
  • And more!
Rodent Control in Fruit Cove

No one wants to have rodents in their home -- they chew through boxes and clothes, invade your pantry, loudly scratch inside your walls, and leave behind trails of droppings. With Paul’s Termite & Pest Control, you don’t have to put up with rats and mice any longer. Our Fruit Cove rodent control will kick them to the curb, giving you back peace of mind in no time.

Family-Friendly Rodent Removal Methods

Rodents can carry dozens of diseases, putting you and your loved ones in danger of contracting illnesses like tularemia, hantavirus, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Rather than let rodents run amok, trust our rodent control in Fruit Cove. We work carefully and quickly to make your home safe again, so you can stop worrying.

When you choose us for your rodent control in Fruit Cove, we’ll gladly go the extra mile by:

  • Inspect your home, scouring for signs of rodent activity.
  • Identify how rodents are getting into your home.
  • Create a unique treatment plan that fits your specific needs.
  • Provide family-friendly treatments for worry-free relief.
  • Keep rodents out all year long with recurring services.
  • A Dedicated Team that will address all concerns
The Paul's Pest Difference

Our mission is your satisfaction. That’s why we work alongside each of our customers to ensure the service meets their needs, from the initial phone call through every visit. You’ll notice the difference with our Fruit Cove exterminators:

  • They’re informative and friendly.
  • They possess great expertise in protecting properties from the wide variety of pests in Florida.
  • They'll keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.

Proven, Cutting Edge Solutions

Since 1971, defeating the threat of pests has been our specialty and your satisfaction, our mission. That’s why we work hard to ensure the level of care our customers receive is something they’ll want to boast about. We’re committed to continually improving upon our techniques, equipment, and expertise through research and ongoing exterminator education. So, no matter your problem, Paul's Pest will always come prepared with the most proven, cutting-edge solution available. You can find a local exterminator in Jacksonville and surrounding cities as well!

5 Star Review

Howard is such a pleasure to work with. Always shows up when he says he’s going to (which can be hard to come by in my experience) and always does an outstanding job. Very responsive to any issues and always follows up. Quick and effective, while also personable and extremely kind. You can tell he really cares. Would give 10 stars if I could!

Maddie Cameli
5 Star Review

Howard was great. Prompt, friendly, professional service.

5 Star Review

Paul's Pest control is simply the best in Pest control.

Ma Hull

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